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The Balance Procedure

What is The Balance Procedure (TBP)

The Balance Procedure (TBP) is neither a therapy nor healing, it is not even a treatment. It is a unique, powerful energy technique. It is a practical tool to assist in conscious awareness, using your heart energy and universal symbols. It is natural, holistic and easy to learn – it simply re-aligns our existing powers of moving energy by intention.

We create our reality from thoughts and imagination. Balance is the key. No meditation, study, or rituals are required. Much like other energy techniques it asks for a suspension of belief, a casting off of logical explanations, and invites you to put your trust in your own inner life force. Simple though it may appear, many people who have experienced this new energy technique have found that their lives are never the same again. TBP is so simple that we do it naturally already.

TBP is a nonverbal energy technique which activates the language of the Universe with 9 symbol cards, each representing a geometric symbol, an affirmation, a colour, number, zodiac sign, gemstone, element, planet, chakra and physical aspect and how, when all is balanced, it is the key to the unconscious mind.

It does not require an understanding of the theory or precise disciplines but is learnt through practice. Rather than using the rational, intellectual level of consciousness, it requires the development of flexibility and expansion of consciousness. It is not the procedure itself that brings about results, it is merely the life force within each person that brings about transformation.

When you use this energy technique you will be able to identify personal triggers that throw you off balance, understand the true power of thoughts and imagination, understand the power of emotions and why we have them. You will begin to connect your experiences with the Law of Attraction and be able to create your day as you want it to be.

Sessions take up to 45 minutes and includes a pack of cards and accompanying book to take home with you.



Information supplied by Glynis Foord, LEAF Health Llandudno.   

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