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Sports Rehabilitation

Getting you back to your optimal performance - Quickly!

What is a Sports Rehabilitator?


A Sports Rehabilitator offers individual rehabilitation that is tailor made to your injury needs. This includes

  • Injury diagnosis & Rehabilitation planning
  • Fitness planning
  • Sports massage
  • Mobilisation
  • Stretching techniques
  • Exercise prescription and advice

Initial appointments will consist of a full assessment of the injured area and rehabilitation planning and goal setting. Follow up appointments include treatment, including massage, and fitness sessions depending on the nature of injury.

Injury Diagnosis

this involves a full assessment, taking into consideration every aspect of your sporting, working and social life. The assessment will consist of a subject questioning of how and when your injury occurred and how it has effected your since. This is then followed by an objective assessment, made up of yourself and ourselves producing movements to help us narrow down what the problem actually is. Once this has occurred we can make a judgement using our knowledge and
experience as to what injury you may have.

Rehabilitation Planning

Once the injury is known then working together we can devise a rehabilitation plan that will encompass exercises specific to your injury and exercise advice to ensure minimal loss to aspects of your normal or sporting life.

Fitness Planning

This will be in conjuction with your rehabilitation plan. This will be impletmented throughtout your injury rehabilitation but up until your return to your active lifestyle.

Sports Massage

This service is used as a treatment technique for an injury or as a way of relieving tension and soreness in muscles from your active or sporting lifestyle.


Again, another treatment technique used when dealing with joint injuries. This technique utilises movement of a joint that is stiff or has limited movement incurred from an injury.

Stretching Techniques

Many people know of static stretches, however there are many more different techniques that encourage greater results such as dynamic stretching and PNF (proprioception neuromuscular facilitation). These techiques are peformed with the assitance of a qualified practioner or trained individual.

Exercise Prescription and Advice

This service is for when you are struggling with your own exercise plan and need some advice from a professional. This service can be in the form of a tailor made exercise plan covering all your needs and goals or some helpful advice to put you back on track for achieving your personal goals.

Personal Training

Whether it is 1-2-1 or group training, we offer a full range of training technique for many different goals such as weight loss, increasing strength, increasing muscle tone and many more. This service can be conducted where you wish, be it at a private gym or at your home.  If you are interested in this services then get in touch for a quote and or provisional plan.

Sports Club Support

We offer sport therapy services to sport clubs on a personal (see left) or group basis. This may include pitch side assistance at training, matches or
competitions, rehabilitation, fitness sessions and much more. Please contact us for availability and any other services you may require.

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