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Spiritual Healing

What is Spiritual Healing?

Spiritual healing is not about religion or belief; it is more about compatibility.  It is a practice based on energy flow which originates in spirit and is passed via a healer to the client.  The healer’s role is to act as a transformer of spirit energies into physical energy, which is directed towards the internal energy blockage, causing a chemical change.  A human body encompasses the mind, spirit and emotions.  Any one of these can place stress on the other parts if they fail to work in unison.  The healer, client and spirit all work in harmony to restore the proper flow of energy.

How does it work?

Spiritual healing originates from the Latin “spiritus” which means “Breath of life”.  All healers display an identical brainwave frequency during healing, from which we can conclude that there is a universal biological basis for all healing abilities.

Three brainwave patterns have been identified and exhibited by healers in a 2011 study.  The client’s brainwave synchronises with that of the healer, illustrating that one body can affect another.  We have all felt negative energy around places and people, as well as positive energy, which can influence our own mood.

Healers are able to receive and transmit healing energy without impeding the current of energy.

The “laying on of hands” dates back more than 15,000 years.  During the Middles Ages it was known as the “King’s Touch”, thought to cure the “King’s Evil”.  Queen Anne was the last British monarch to claim to possess this divine ability.

What should I expect?

Hands are placed on the body during the healing process merely as an instrument of the mind, to allow it to “feel”.  The healer’s hands are used as a vessel for the direction of energy.  They can become warm or hot during healing.  A client may also feel the energy in a localised area in the body.

Sessions last for approximately 30 minutes.  A follow up visit is recommended to assess the progress of recovery.  Absent healing is also available where the healer is not present with the client.

Healing will not interfere with medical treatment.  It is a complementary aid to recovery.

We also suggest that a client refrains from wearing black clothing for the healing session as this may obscure the energy flow.

Thank you Glesni – Brilliant all round.

Hazel D