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All our rooms may be furnished with a therapy couch, and other furniture such as desks and comfortable chairs as required.

Additional furnishings such as clean towels, bed linen and couch roll are included.

Therapists must provide their own professional indemnity insurance.

Rooms are available on the following terms:

1.   Associate Level

The clinic will actively promote a therapist’s services (includes a biography on the website, promotion via Facebook and leaflets for use in-clinic), make and confirm appointments, take payments, etc;

2.  Hourly Room Rate

A competitive room rate is on offer (currently £8 per hour in North Wales ad hoc for the first 3 months, then minimum of 4 hours per month thereafter; from £10.50 per hour in Hitchin).

This includes the room, clean towels, bed linen and couch roll. The therapist make their own bookings and take payments.  A room renter can also have their details on the website clinic Team page.

We also offer great room rates for groupwork or training!

If you are interested in our room hire, please contact the relevant clinic(s)  for further information:

Anglesey (Menai Bridge) & Brailsford Centre, Bangor: 01248 717 744 or email /

Hitchin: 01462 433 777 or email

Llandudno: 01492 870889 or email

We look forward to hearing from you.

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