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Metamorphic Technique

Re-Discovering Traditional Treatments for Today's World

What is the Metamorphic Technique?

In the practice of Metamorphic Technique, the practitioner uses light touch on the feet, hands and head. The practitioner does not give direction to the recipient’s life force or impose their will in any way. This allows for an environment to emerge which includes the power and intelligence, already inherent in the life force of the client; these are the guiding factors for that particular person.

Therefore, people are often drawn to the Metamorphic Technique to create more of what they need in their lives.

The Metamorphic Technique Session

There is no need for a medical or personal history.

Each session lasts for an hour. There are no specific requirements. The client could be reading, watching TV or simply resting!  It does not matter if they fall asleep. Some people talk and this is fine but the Practitioner will not get involved in any diagnoses.

The session starts with the feet. The practitioner will hold the feet – right foot first – to give the recipient time to adjust to the practitioner’s presence.  The Practitioner will then apply gentle touch to the spinal reflexes of the feet then the hands and finally the head.

The practitioner acts as a catalyst, practicing detachment whereby they notice certain things about the client, acknowledge them and then let them be. The recipients own innate intelligence guides their life force towards the release of patterns, problems and difficulties, helping them towards realisation of their own full potential.

There are no recommendations for the amount and frequency of sessions. Some may only ever feel the need to have 1 session; others may have a session as and when they feel the need. It is suitable for everyone in every life situation.

Following sessions of Metamorphic Technique people have been surprised to notice or experience immediate physical or emotional differences, perhaps reflecting the inner transformation of some life patterns. The transformation is thought to take place in the subtle level, therefore the conscious mind may barely notice the change.  The transformation occurs through a combination of the Universal principles of Gender, Causation, Correspondence, Rhythm, Vibration, Creative Impulse, Insight / Illumination and Communion / Communication.  These principles can be explained further by the practitioner.

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