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Manual Lymph Drainage

Do you suffer from tired, aching legs?  Do your ankles ever swell up?  Do you suffer from fluid retention?  Do you have very tender breasts?

Then give yourself a tonic with LEAF’s Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) massage, a proven technique for stimulating a sluggish lymphatic system and removing excess fluid from the body.

Every day, as we go about our normal activities, we generate by-products or toxins, which saturate the tissues and organs. These must be broken down and eliminated from the body if good health is to be maintained. Under normal functioning, the body uses exercise to activate this process, collecting and removing wastes via the lymphatic organs and vessels. Sometimes, however, this process can be compromised by lack of movement, or injury, or external influences such as extremely hot weather or long plane flights.

This is where lymph massage can be particularly useful to give the system the necessary boost. MLD is suitable for everyone, even those without fluid retention problems, and can be adapted to each individual’s needs.

Stimulating the lymphatic system may produce the following benefits:

  • an increase in mobility
  • reduced fluid retention in all areas of the body
  • improved organ function
  • reduced muscle tension
  • relaxed nervous system
  • improved immune response