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Japanese Facial Massage

Traditional Treatments for Today's World

What is Japanese Facial Massage?

Includes: Oil massage – shiatsu and acupressure – hydrating face mask – 5 minutes massage on feet or hands – a hot towel – gentle massage to eliminate toxins

Japanese facial massage combines the therapeutic and healing benefits from eastern and western massage to give you a natural ‘face-lift’. You will feel rejuvenated as your facial muscles become re-vitalised, nourished and toned leaving you feeling deeply relaxed and radiating a healthy complexion. This facial is also beneficial to those who have facial paralysis or limited facial movement.

This combination of oil massage, shiatsu and acupressure will:

  • Improve the circulation of blood and energy to nourish facial muscles and skin
  • Promote elimination of toxin build-up from tired or stressed muscles
  • Tone, ‘plump up’ and lift the facial muscles to minimise facial sagging and the onset of wrinkles
  • Encourage healthy cell growth to support the healing of damaged or scarred skin
  • Improve mental clarity and concentration
  • Maximise skin elasticity and facial mobility.
  • Relax facial tension and pain in the face and jaw
  • Reduce stress to lift your mood and promote well-being

What happens in a session?

We begin with acupressure to bring vitality to the face and  follow this with oil massage to tone the muscles.  Whilst you are enjoying a relaxing, hydrating face pack you will receive a five minute massage on your feet or hands.  A hot towel will relax your muscles further and stimulate the blood circulation to nourish facial tissues.   A gentle lymphatic drainage massage is applied to eliminate any toxins released from the facial.  This will leave your face feeling uplifted and refreshed.  To complete this luxurious facial I end with a scalp massage.

Nb.  If preferred the facial can be applied without oil.

How does the Japanese facial massage differ from other massages?

The focus for many facial massages lie in the products used.  The strength of this facial massage is its focus on the healing benefits of the techniques.   In Chinese medicine different areas of our face reflect our internal organs.   Acupoints on the face will affect the local area as well as encourage a healthier flow of energy to the body as a whole.

Information provided by Doe Warnes, LEAF Health Hitchin