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Hydrotherm Massage

A Comfortable Massage for Everyone

What is a Hydrotherm Massage?

Hydrotherm is a form of massage which uses a system of warm water filled pads heated to between 35-40 degrees. which sit on top of a therapy couch. It is known as a truly 3 dimensional massage system.

The entire massage is carried out while the client is face up, lying on their back. The therapist massages the front of the body first while the client relaxes on two warm water filled pads with a roll under the knees. These pads and roll supports the client in perfect spinal alignment and allows the muscles to soften and relax before the massage starts underneath. The therapist will then slide their hands between the client and the pads to massage the back of the body. This means the therapists pressure is upwards rather than downwards and uses the client’s body weight to provide the pressure.

The massage has the added benefit of no uncomfortable face holes or cricked necks to contend with – just deep relaxation. It also enables deep tissue massage to be given without pain. It is ideal for joint mobilisation, stretching and muscle spasms. The treatment can be Swedish body massage or the client can choose to have the added benefits of using essential oils in an aromatherapy massage. The system can also be used for Reflexology or Reiki.

Who can Benefit?

This treatment is ideal for expectant mums, babies and people who are elderly and find it difficult to turn over as in a conventional massage. Thus it is also suitable for people with fibromyalgia and arthritic conditions.  However, it’s warmth and relaxing properties are equally beneficial for physically active people with busy lives.

Information supplied by Glynis Foord (LEAF Health Llandudno).


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