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Foot Health Practitioner

Nail, Hard Skin, Corns, Calluses, Verrucas, and more


What does a Foot Health Practitioner do?

A Foot Health Practitioner treats a variety of foot conditions:

- Nail trimming

- Nail shaping

- Callus reduction

- Corn removal

- Fungal nail

- Thick nails

- Ingrowing nail

- Athlete’s foot

- Verrucas

- Cracked heels

- Diabetic foot care

- Bacterial infection

- Onycholysis


What does a typical foot care treatment involve?

The Foot Health Practitioner will ask about your medical history, then examine your feet and nails noting any conditions or ailments present. He or she will then trim and shape nails with a bur and treat any nail conditions, followed by treatment of any foot conditions such as calluses and corns. Then any creams or sprays are applied as required by the foot condition, and dressings or padding as necessary. Finally, any rough or dry skin is filed away and a therapeutic and aromatic moisturiser is applied.